Tony Koens

Tony Koens
St. Paul, MN (Timberwold CrossFit) 

5'10" / 195lbs 

  • 2014 1st place team division North Central Region
  • 2014 CrossFit Open 23rd Place North Central Region
  • 2014 1st Place Cold War Throwdown Team Competition
  • 2013 CrossFit Open 49th place North Central Region
  • 2013 2nd Place Fittest Farmhand Team Challenge
  • 2013 and 2012 1st Place Fittest of the Falls
  • 2013 and 2012 2nd Place Cloudy town Throwdown
  • 2012 CrossFit Open 50th place North Central Region
  • 2012 1st Place Fitoberfest
  • Fran - 2:10
  • Isabel - 1:30
  • Jackie - 5:33
  • Diane - 2:36
  • Snatch - 255#
  • Clean and Jerk - 315#
  • Backquat - 425#
  • Deadlift - 515#
  • Front Squat - 385#
  • Consecutive Muscle-ups - 17
  • 1 mile run - 5:37

Tony started CrossFit in 2009 under the coaching of Tommy Hackenbruck and the other coaches at Ute CrossFit. He started it mainly because he thought it looked fun but stuck with it because of the community and the confidence he gained. By 2011 his entire life changed. Tony moved to Minnesota and opened Timberwolf CrossFit. 

Philosophy on Training: "My training philosphy is a mix of things both physical and mental. I program to fix my weaknesses but still try to throw some fun things in there so I continue to enjoy doing Crossfit. When I program, I do it loosely; I try to listen to my body. If a certain muscle group is feeling wrecked I'll throw it out and subsitute the movement for something else. I would rather have intensity to a workout than struggle through something my body can't handle at the moment.

I also believe in providing the best training enviorment I can. I try to surround myself with good athletes and do my best to create a community that will support each other on a day to day basis."

Philosophy on Life: "I have to prioritize things. I am a busy person. I have a family; my wife Laura and two kids; Elijah and Evie. They come first, then Timberwolf CrossFit, then training." 

Short and Long Term Goals: "My goals have continued to evolve over the years. One of the goals I set in 2013 was to create a Regionals team and qualify top 48 in the region as an individual. This year we have a Games team and I ranked at 23rd as an individual. I believe our team can be a top 10 team at the Games this year. After the games I plan to create a whole new set of goals. I have some personal and business goals that involve bettering what I believe to already be the best community in the midwest. For the long term I want keep competing for life. I am 31 years old but I want to still be hanging in there with the youger guys in another 10 years."

Quote to Live By: "You can have results or excuses, not both".


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