Tasia Percevecz

Tasia Percevecz
Dover, NH (CrossFit Free) 
5'5" / 153lbs 

  • 2016 CrossFit Games - 16th Place in the World
  • 2016 CrossFit East Regional - 5th Place
  • 2014 Granite Games Elite Division – 11th Place
  • 2014 Summer Smackdown at CFN – Team EverProven – 1st Place
  • 2014 Reebok CrossFit One Spring Cup – Team RedLine – 7th Place 
  • 2014 Annual Spring Kick Off – Individual Rx – 1st Place
  • 2013 East Coast Championship Competitor
  • 2013 Lumberjack 20 – Individual Rx – 6th Place
  • Clean & Jerk: 220#
  • Snatch: 175#
  • Fran: 2:29

Tasia started CrossFit in February 2013. After years of competitive gymnastics she was looking for a way to stay fit and have fun. CrossFit was the answer!

How has crossfit changed your life? "CrossFit has completely changed my life for the better. After years of struggling with negative body image, CrossFit showed me that all bodies are beautiful! I am able to gauge success by numbers on a barbell instead of numbers on the scale. It has also given me a community that I love and a way to stay competitive!"

What is your philosophy on training? " 'We have a right to our labor, but not the fruits of our labor.' The process is its own reward, the only real reward. It’s in the work itself, the sweat of it and the grind of it."

Short Term Goals: To qualify to the 2015 Northeast Regionals and to become a better swimmer/runner

Long Term Goals: To qualify for the CrossFit Games of course!!!!!!

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