Sheila Barden

Sheila Sue Barden
Englewood, NJ (JM Strength)
5'0"/ 128

  • 2014 25th Place - The CrossFit Games
  • 2014 2nd Place - Northeast Regionals
  • 2013 10th Place - Northeast Regionals
  • 2013 2nd Place - East Coast Championship
  • 2012 24th Place - Northeast Regionals
  • 2012 4th Place - Beast of the East
  • 2012 1st Place - Hammerhead Series 
  • Snatch - 154#
  • C+J - 173#
  • Back Squat - 285#
  • OH Squat - 200# x 3
  • Bench - 165# x 2
  • Fran - 3:08
  • 30 Muscle ups - 3:59
  • NPGL Team Member - LA Reign

Sheila started CrossFit on October 3, 2011 at CrossFit Dewitt after seeing CrossFit Games reruns on ESPN. She started like most people, hitting one WOD a day, but before long her "normal" training turned into a full on "addiction" and she found herself on an individualized program, hitting several WODs a day. Wanting to incorporate crossfit into her entire life, she took her Level 1,CF Kids, Powerlifting and Mobility certifications and became a coach. "I enjoy coaching just as much as I love competing."

Philosophy on Training: Training for me, is all about the journey, the little wins, and the people I meet along the way. I believe in comparing me to me. If I cut :02 off a WOD, or added 5# to a lift, I won for the day. While I can spew out facts about most of the famous CrossFit girls, I know that all that really matters at the end of the day is trying to be a better Little Sheila than I was yesterday.

Philosophy on Life: My philosophy on life: Love Wins If I'm doing what I love, I'll be happy. If I surround myself with people I love, and who love me, I'll be happy, and let's be honest, I love CrossFit. My friends started the hash tag #SheilaStrong and I've fully embraced it. If I can inspire one person to keep pushing when all they want to do is stop and rest, than I've made a difference.

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