Sarah (Zdanowicz) Drolet

Sarah (Zdanowicz) Drolet
Danvers, MA (North Shore Crossfit)
5'6" **

  • Snatch - 145
  • Clean & Jerk - 180
  • Clean - 185
  • OHS - 187

Sarah started Crossfit 4 years ago in 2010. She came to NSCF with a background in competitive dance, but couldn't do 1 pushup and 200M wore her out. She wanted to find something that was fun and challenging, and was sick of running on a treadmill trying to be skinny. "Crossfit showed me the beauty in strength and I never looked back."

What drives her in Crossfit: "Setting goals for myself and doing the work to achieve them. Nothing feels better then hitting a PR on a benchmark WOD or a lift. You have to embrace the suck, but it'€™s the best feeling in the world when it pays off. I love that feeling. I also love when I'm doing a work out next to someone who is giving it their all. It's like a chain reaction; you instantly want to push harder because they are."

Theory on Training: "I try to be driven by me. Itâ€'s just me against myself. You will only do things you tell yourself you can and you are the only one that can get in your way."

**When asked her weight for this bio, Sarah let us know she actually has no idea. She never steps on the scale, and what she said next is inspiring: "Its time we stop focusing on the weight on the scale, and start focusing on the weight on the bar."


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