Robbie Davis

Robbie Davis
Carbondale, CO (Crossfit Bonedale)

  • 2014 Crossfit Games Masters 40-44 – 6th Place Overall
  • 2014 Southwest Regional Masters 40-45 - Qualifier
  • 2013 CrossFit Games masters 40-44 – 6th Place Overal
  • 2012 Southwest Regional Competitor
  • 2011 Southwest Regional Competitor
  • DL- 495#
  • C&J - 275#
  • SNATCH - 210#
  • BS - 385#
  • FS - 345#

Robbie started Crossfit to get back in shape and workout by his wifes side. "She kicked my butt for quite sometime then the tables turned. That started me down the competition phoase of my crossfit carrer and I have not looked back. I look forward to getting back to the Games this year and standing on the podium.

Crossfit fit me well as an athlete. I have always been involved with sports even through my 30's when I was playing Rugby. Crossfit takes not only strength and coordination but mental fortitude. To be able to test not only your grit strength but your mental strength everyday is awesome. It never gets easier because even as you become more efficient the loads or speed may increase, which leads us to the big question in Crossfit now - how good, how strong can the human being get? As a master I feel blessed to be able to still be competitive at a high level and look forward to every competition."

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