Paddy Boscoe

Paddy Boscoe
Swampscott, MA (Crossfit The Swamp)
6'1" / 184

  • Back Squat – 370
  • Snatch – 250
  • C&J 275
  • Fran – 2:51
  • Mile – 5:19

Paddy graduated with a degree in Sports Movement Science from Salem State. Leaving college as a 3 sport athlete (soccer, track, lacrosse), he was left with no outlet for competing. Enter CrossFit.

Paddy has been doing CrossFit for just under two years and cant imagine life without it. His Philosophy on Training: “I live by the training method of going absolute “Full Dummy”, basically putting every ounce of effort into each and every rep, whether you are in first or last. I’ve won and placed at a few local comps but have my eyes on a few of the bigger stages, mainly trying to reach the regionals level within the next few years.

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