Mike Dudevoir

Mike Dudevoir
Swampscott, MA (Owner, CrossFit the Swamp)
5'10"/ 185

  • 2013 CF Open - Top 10%
  • Fran - 3:36
  • Grace - 1:45
  • Karen - 4:42

Mike started CrossFit in January 2012 at CrossFit New England. His first elements class was with Mel Ockerby and she made him "fall in love with 'The Suck' immediately". He was hooked.

CrossFit not only opened his eyes to an intense fitness lifestyle with constantly-varied programming, but he loved the camaraderie that developed with his fellow CrossFitters. "It was really powerful, and made me crave more. I saw people around me wanting to get better, and it was a constant challenge to push myself to learn every movement."

Having played college soccer and graduating from Trinity College in 1999, it had been a while since Mike felt like he was competing on a daily basis. CrossFit re-ignited that competitive fire, and made him feel like an athlete again. Within months of starting, and having been laid off from his job at the same time, he pondered what the next twenty years of his life were going to be like. "I have always wanted to own a business, and so I began to dream about what a life would be like where could provide this same CrossFit experience to others."

Almost two years later, living in his hometown of Swampscott, MA, Mike and his wife Jenna opene up CrossFit The Swamp with the help of their great friend and Head Coach, Team RedLine Athlete Paddy Boscoe. "We had a dream, we felt like we could build an excellent affiliate, and we went after it. Now we have the opportunity to instill that same passion for CrossFit in others on a daily basis."

Long Term Goals: "My #1 goal as an athlete is to be able to CrossFit for the next 30 years, and this is a direct correlation to my goal as an affiliate owner that wants to put people in the position to CrossFit for the rest of their lives."

Philosophy on Training: "My philosophy on training is that you need to really look yourself in the mirror, be 100% honest with yourself about what you want to get out of CrossFit, and not worry about what everyone else is doing. Be realistic, listen to your body, and give a max effort every time you walk into the box. CrossFit builds mental strength just as much as it does physical strength, if not more. Most of us will never go to the Games to compete, but we can still be that athlete we want to be every time we step on the rubber. By conquering the challenges we face every time we WOD, and not giving up, we are making ourselves stronger for the challenges that life throws at us every day, whether it is with work, family, friends, etc. Hold yourself to a very high standard. Be accountable for the effort you put in. And be proud of your performance."

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