Lynn Cassotis

Lynn Cassotis
Windham, NH (Crossfit Free)
5'1"/ 119

  • 2013 East Coast Championship Competitor
  • 2013 1st Place Crossfit Earned individual Comp
  • 2013 1st Place Crossfit Nashua Team Comp
  • 2013 1st Place Crossfit Free Individual Comp
  • 2013 2nd Place Crossfit Free Individual Comp
  • 2013 Crossfit Free Regionals Team Athlete
  • Clean - 187#
  • Clean & Jerk - 181#
  • Snatch - 125#
  • Back Squat - 240#
  • Dealift - 263#
  • Jackie - 7:17
  • Fran 2:34
  • Grace - 2:30
  • 30 Muscle Ups - 9:53
  • Max Pull-ups - 40
  • Max HSPU - 40

Lynn Cassotis is the mother of 3 and soon to be 40 with one main goal: "Its a dream I've been dreaming of since I realized I had potential....Making the Crossfit Games as a Master Competitor!"

Lynn joined Crossfit with no sports background, but she did have the most critical pieces to be competitive in the sport: a natural athletic ability and the passion, dedication and determination to succeed. She always had a competitive nature and knew she could be good at something. She just didn't know what until she was introduced to Crossfit in January, 2012.

During her first Crossfit competition in June of 2012, Lynn struggled to clean 95# and had to deadlift 155#, which ended up being a PR that day. In September of 2012, during a lifting seminar, Lynn had severe back pain, and
ended up getting a diagnosis of a severe bulging disc in my L5/S1, The doctors told her she should stop lifting, or risk the possibility of a ruptured disc. €œFor the first 10 days I could barely stand and for the first 2 weeks just bending down to touch my toes was progress.  Through all this I still went to the gym when I could. I had friends who would come and pick me up because I couldn't drive. I would sit in the gym and try to stretch or do things my body would allow. I would do ring dips or weighted pull-ups but never using my lower body. I would stretch and just watch my teammates because to me just being there felt like it was a healing power. I refused to give up. It took about 6 to 8 weeks of rest, cortisone shots, lots of tears, family support and a coach who would tell me daily "you will come back stronger than ever, I promise"€™. It wasn't easy but today I am stronger than I've ever been.

Since then, she has received amazing coaching and support from her team that has given her the strength to keep pushing and stay focused. The last 7 months she has been on individual programming by Brandon Petersen of Crossfit Free. Since then she has won a few local competitions from an individual and team standpoint and has competed with some of the best girls in the region. She was honored to be on the Crossfit Free Regionals team in 2013, and has set the goal of making the team again this year, and thenhopefully its off to the Masters in 2015.

Philosophy on Training and Life: "I believe you can't see results unless you work hard at them daily. I believe there is no time for excuses if you want to succeed. Some weeks, that requires double sessions, and some weeks I ease up to really listen to my body. Balance is not always easy and something as a mother and wife I struggle with often, but I've come so far I can't stop now. I have a lot of work to do this year and will give it 110%. I never imagined I would be competing against some of the incredible woman I've competed against or that I'd be enjoying this as much as I am.  In August I will turn 40. This is no longer just a day that has to's a day I can't wait to happen! If I make the games or not, this year is going to be the best yet!"

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