Ken Battiston

Ken Battiston
West Milton, OH (Crossfit Tipp City/Infinity Fitness) 

6'0" / 205lbs 

  • 2014 7th Place - Greater Lakes Invitational 
  • 2014 27th Place - Crossfit Open 
  • 2013 13th Place Overall - Central East Regionals
  • Individual Competition
  • 2013 14th Place Overall - Crossfit Open 
  • 2013 2nd Place - Fit Club Games 
  • Clean & Jerk - 355#
  • Clean - 385#
  • Snatch - 290#
  • Deadlift - 545#
  • Back Squat - 500#
  • Front Squat - 420#
  • Fran - 2:15
  • Grace - 1:31
  • King Kong - 2:04

Ken started CrossFit mainly because of his desire to help people. When he caught on to CrossFit, he was a personal trainer at the time he realized that rather than helping 1 person at a time, he could help 20.  When that became clear, he began his journey with CrossFit and never looked back. 

CrossFit and Life: "My life continues to get better as I continue to CrossFit. Its made me realize what the human body is capable of if you give it everything you have."

Philosophy on Training: "My coach,Doug Chapman, does my programming for me. We do all sorts of metcons along with olympic lifting, traditional strength work, gymnastics, and what he calls 'farm boy strength'. He drills into our heads that each rep needs to be done with intent and not just mindlessly whacking away at movements."

Goals: "My short term goals are to make it to the CrossFit games and join a team in the NPFL. Eventually I would like to own a CrossFit gym."

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