Justin Dewing

Justin Dewing
Trevor, WI (StormFront CrossFit) 
5'11" / 195lbs 

  • 2014 16th Overall - North Central Regionals Individual Competitor
  • Snatch - 250#
  • Clean & Jerk - 295#
  • Deadlift - 475#
  • Back Squat - 410#
  • OH Squat - 295#
  • Front Squat - 350#
  • Fran - 2:32
  • Isabel - 2:36
  • Amanda - 5:23

Justin has been an athlete all of his life. He played soccer and basketball during his entire high school career, and basketball for two years in college. As a natural competitor, he found CrossFit in 2011 looking for something to fulfill the competitive drive he was missing. Justin dabbled with some workouts, and then watched the 2011 CrossFit Games. From then on he was hooked. 

His Philosophy on Training: "Everyone can do something on some level on the fitness spectrum. Do what you can with what you have and never be satisfied. Train hard, train smart and have fun."

Aspirations: "My goal as a coach is to help people achieve their fitness goals and give them a life changing experience through CrossFit. As an athlete, my goal is to make it to the 2015 crossfit games."

Justin recently opened up his own Box: StormFront CrossFit. Make sure you check it out if you are ever in IL: http://www.stormfrontcrossfit.com.

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