Jenny Borda

Jenny Borda
Columbus, OH (Friendship CrossFit) 

5'4" / 135lbs 

  • 2014 10th Place Overall - Central East Regionals Individual Competitor
  • 2013 28th Place Overall - Central East Regionals Individual Competitor
  • Clean & Jerk - 215#
  • Hang Snatch - 180#
  • OHS - 220#
  • Back Squat - 265#
  • Deadlift - 330#
  • Fran - 2:45
  • Jackie - 6:48

Jenny found CrossFit in June 2012. She had been working about 60 hours/week with a full time job and coaching gymnastics and realized she needed a change; to focus more on her and what she wanted out of her life. So she decided to stop coaching gymnastics, started CrossFit and fell in love instantly!

"CrossFit has given me something to be passionate about!  It gave me goals and a whole group of new friends. I met my fiancé through CrossFit, and it helped me become a much happier and healthier person." 

Philosophy on Training and on Life: "I try to make how hard I’m working match my goals (in and out of the gym).  I also try to always have fun with what I’m doing; which sometimes can be hard when things get frustrating-although I am getting better at realizing everyone has bad days! I just want to be the best me I can be in all aspects of life!"

Short and Long Term Goals: "Short term I would like to continue to improve my strength; especially squatting. I would love to go to some high level competitions (besides regionals) and place well. Going into 2015 I would love to qualify for regionals again and improve my stasnding from this year. Long term I would love to compete at the games sometime in some capacity (team/masters/individual) and possibly have training and CrossFit be part of how I make a living."



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