Heather Welsh

Heather Welsh
Columbus, OH (Polaris CrossFit)
5’9” / 145

  • Clean: 225
  • Jerk: 225
  • Push Press: 250
  • Snatch:165
  • Deadlift:365
  • Back squat:300
  • Front squat:255
  • Bench:200
  • Fran:2:11
  • 2015 Central Regionals Individual Competitor
  • 2014 Central East Regionals 6th
  • 2014 Wodapalooza 7th
  • 2014 Miami Surge
  • 2013 Central East Regionals 7th
  • 2013 FC Summer Games 1st
  • 2012 CrossFit Games 22nd
  • 2012 Central East Regional 3rd

Heather started CrossFit after the birth of her second child, daughter Jillian. The desire to shed the last lingering pounds of pregnancy led Heather to walk through the door of Rogue Gahanna and into classes led by Graham Holberg. Heather, a former Ohio State volleyball player, quickly re-emerged as a competitive athlete and was part of the Rogue Gahanna team for the 2010 and 2011 CrossFit Games seasons. In 2012 Heather successfully transitioned to individual competitor, qualifying for the CrossFit Games out of the Central East Region and finishing 22nd in Carson. Since the 2012 Games Heather has consistently finished top 10 in the Central East Region and has explored other competitive opportunities outside the Games season. Heather also maintains a full-time career as a 2nd grade teacher, but her proudest accomplishment in life is being mom to her two children, Sam and Jillian.

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