Geoff Leard

Geoff Leard
Wayland, MA (Crossfit New England) 
5'9" / 175lbs 

  • DL - 485#
  • Squat - 355#
  • Bench - 285#
  • Clean &Jerk - 270#
  • Angie - 12:08
  • Christine - 8:17
  • Clovis - 1:26:36
  • Diane - 2:27
  • Elizabeth - 5:34
  • Fran - 2:25
  • Fight Gone Bad - 432
  • Filthy 50 -17:10
  • Helen - 7:55
  • Jackie - 6:00
  • Murph - 28:46
After playing college football and a going a few rounds in the boxing ring, Geoff knew he needed something to fill the competitive void in his life. He started CrossFit in 2010 when a friend who was in the Navy told him to check out the CrosFit mainsite. The next day he did “Murph” in his garage. "Let’s just say I was little beat up, and sore as hell, but
loved every minute of it. I joined CFNE the following week and haven’t looked back."
Philosophy on Training: "My philosophy on training is simple: challenge yourself both physically and mentally. Take
yourself outside of your comfort zone, get comfortable being uncomfortable and convince yourself its just an 'easy day'. CrossFit has helped me not only get into the best shape of my life but it’s prepared me for the obstacles life throws my way. Working through a tough workout and refusing to give up has helped me work through adversity in everyday life.
Long and Short Term Goals: "I will continue to work towards being the best coach, role model and athlete I can. I have my eyes set on making regional’s as an individual athlete in the near future, and being a contributing factor in taking our Team back to the Games.

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