Gaylemarie Kolb

Gaylemarie Kolb

Stroudsburg, PA (Stroud CrossFit) 
5'4" / 135lbs 

  • 2012 26th Overall - Mid Atlantic Regionals Individual CrossFit Competitor
  • Clean & Jerk - 185#
  • Snatch - 135#
  • Deadlift - 340#
  • Back Squat - 240#
  • Fran - 3:44
  • Boston Marathon Qualified Runner - 3:34

Gaylemarie started CrossFit in an effort to improve her running times. While it succeeded in improving those times, CrossFit also introduced her to some other athletic challenges she had never experienced before - such as Olympic lifting. Once she became fully invested and learned more about what CrossFit was all about, she was hooked. Hooked on bettering her athletic abilities and pushing herself each and every day. 

"CrossFit has changed my life completely, beyond just the phsical aspect. As my interest and personal investment in CrossFit few, I knew I wanted to make it a larger piece of my life. I went for my L1 and began coaching. I was constantly going for new certifications and reading as much as I could to learn more. I was realizing my full potential through CrossFit and I simultaneously realized I wanted others to reach and realize theirs as well. I wanted to help them get there. So I took a leap of faith, quit my job in pharmaceutical research, and opened a box of my own! I am living my dream every day by helping others realize their own."

Philosophy on training:
 "I really like the quote "She believed she could, so she did." So often in life I see people limit their own potential. If you believe in yourself, thats half the battle." 

Short and Long Term Goals:
 "I would love to be able to keep spreading the community aspect that CrossFit has so successfully created. I live in a small town so I hope I am able to hep people change their life through CrossFit, just like it changed mine. I would also really like to make it back to regionals next year. My focus over this next year will be to work on my strength...lots and lots of strength gains are on my goal board for this next year!

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