Erica Pollock

Erica Pollock

West Islip, NY (Part Owner of Islip CrossFit) 
5'7" / 145lbs

  • Snatch - 165#
  • Clean & Jerk - 200#
  • Deadlift - 360#
  • Squat Clean – 220#
  • Front Squat - 245#
  • Jerk – 215#
  • Isabel – 2:02
  • Northeast Regionals: 2013 Team – 14th place; 2014 Individual – 22nd Place; 2015 Team – 16th Place

Erica was introduced to CrossFit in 2011 by her amazingly badass sister Rachel Martinez. Rachel was just beginning to get competitive in the sport and thought she would love it! She recommended a gym in Erica's area and she ended up getting trained by a games athlete (Daniel Tyminski) at CrossFit Lindy. She was completely hooked. "I was so passionate about the sport right away; the constant challenges! I would perform a certain movement or lift a certain weight and be amazed that my body (after 2 kids!!) was able to do that and in my 30’s! I started competing about two months into it. I now am part owner of Islip CrossFit, and I coach CrossFit Kids which both of my children participate in. My most unforgettable CrossFit experience: Competing in the lane right next to my sister at the 2014 NorthEast Regionals."

Short and long term goals: To get to the CrossFit Games in my lifetime, whether it is in the next five years or thereafter as a master’s athlete. Most importantly, being a positive role model to my 2 children will always and forever remain my lifetime goal. I want them to know that if you’re passionate enough and you work hard enough, your dreams can easily become reality.

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