Dylan Malitsky

Dylan Malitsky
Miami, FL (Peak360 CrossFit) 
5'8" / 165lbs 

  • 2014 35th Overall - Southeast Regional Individual Competitor
  • Clean & Jerk - 285#
  • Dead Lift - 465#
  • Pull Ups Unbroken - 62
  • Muscle Ups Unbroken - 22
  • Fran - 2:24
  • 5k - 18:58

Dylan  started CrossFit roughly 3 years ago, after learning about it from his friend at the University of Miami, Noah Ohlsen. He was a sophomore doing P90x, isolation in the gym, and running a ton, but found himself bored with all of it. He played football and baseball all through high school, and upon arriving at college, nothing seemed to quench his "competitive" thirst. Noah took Dylan to his gym, Peak360, where he hit his first WOD, the benchmark girl, Eva. "It sucked, but I was instantly hooked. From there, I committed to training, started coaching, and today, CrossFit is probably the biggest and most satisfying part of my life. I no longer train to 'look good', but to perform. I'm disciplined and regimented - what would appear seemingly boring for your typical 22-year old, but I wouldn't have it any other way."

Dylan also began MC'ing a little over a year ago. Despite being terrified of public speaking, he was asked to volunteer and MC his gym's competition, WODAPALOOZA. "For whatever reason, I got out there, and I wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as I thought I'd be. I flowed. I actually felt pretty confident, more than likely because it was easy to talk about the sport I love. I thought I did well, and was happy about how the day went, but didn't see it becoming anything more. However, before you know it, I was asked to volunteer at the MC SouthEast Regionals. I then MC'ed all four weeks of Regionals in 2013, the CrossFit Games, the East Coast Championships, the Granite Games, and other competitions! This year I competed in the 2014 SouthEast Regional, and wlil be MC'ing the the rest of the three weeks. This is just one example as to why my last three years have literally been a dream come true and how CrossFit has literally changed my life."

Philosophy on Life: These experiences have taught me one thing: "Attack your fear, and watch it become your passion." These are words that today, I live by.




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