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Conor Nugent

Conor Nugent
Framingham, MA (CrossFit New England) 
6'1" / 205lbs

  • 2015 - Qualified for the KCECC
  • 2013 - 1st place - Pittsburgh 5k Gone Bad
  • 2013 - 1st place - Philadelphia Team SuperFit Games
  • Fran - 2:32
  • Grace - 1:33
  • Isabel - 1:38
  • Jackie - 5:29
  • Filthy 50 - 17:15
  • Fight Gone Bad - 464
  • Snatch - 275#
  • Clean & Jerk - 335#
  • Back Squat - 425#
  • Dead Lift - 490#
  • 5K - 17:46

In 2012, Conor suffered from a major concussion in Lacrosse while at University of Pittsburgh. He was told by the neurologists and concussion experts at UPMC Sports Medicine that if he received another concussion, even a small one, that he had a good chance of getting brain damage. That was the end of his lacrosse career.

Finding CrossFit: "Suffering from post-concussion symptoms and being told I could never play the sport I fell in with as young kid again put me in a very dark place. Fortunately, one day when I was working out at the University of Pittsburgh student center I saw kids swinging kettle bells. I went out and talked to them and they told me about CrossFit. At first I was hesitant but, over winter break I tried it out at CFNE. I fell in love with CrossFit instantly. It fulfilled a gap in my life that not being able to play lacrosse had created. Not only that, but the community aspect and feeling of family I got at CFNE and CrossFit Shadyside gave me an experience I never encountered before in any sport I had played. Finding CrossFit has also allowed me to learn more about myself on a personal level. I have gained new perspectives on life that have helped me through school and tough times." 

Philosophy on Training and on Life: "Ben Bergeron, owner and head coach of CFNE, once talked to me about the idea of control. During a conversation we had in the summer of 2013, I told him I was worried that I would not be able to maintain my fitness level and continue his programming when I returned to Pitt for school. He explained to me that there are two spheres in life: a sphere of things you can control, and a sphere of things you cannot control. Within the sphere of control, are things like nutrition, sleep, effort, motivation etc.; and in the sphere of things you cannot control are things like weather, what a certain workout will be, how another athlete will perform etc. He explained to me that there is no reason to worry about the sphere of things you cannot control because it’s just that: uncontrollable. However, if you prepare yourself for the unknown and uncontrollable events in your life and try your hardest then you will succeed to the best of your abilities. This, he said, is all you can ask of yourself. This lesson, along with many other great life lessons I have learned from coaches and individuals I have meet through CrossFit, have helped me not only in CrossFit, but in academia and life in general. Finding CrossFit was one of the best things that has happened to me."

Short and Long Term Goals: Conor is currently a junior at the University of Pittsburgh in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. After graduation he plans to take 3-5 years off from academia to train full time and work as a CrossFit coach and then aspires to go to graduate school to obtain a Master’s in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology with a focus in Strength and Conditioning. His short term goal after graduating is to earn a spot on CFNE’s team and make it to the CrossFit Games. Having a plan for the future is all well and good, however, if you think too far ahead in life you miss out on the experiences and joy of the present.