Cliff Kohut

Cliff Kohut
5'5" / 150#
Raleigh, North Carolina (12th State CrossFit)

  • 2014 Regional Event 2 Overall leader: 410’ Handstand walk
  • Back Squat - 355#
  • Clean - 290#
  • Snatch - 220#
  • Jerk - 275#
  • Front Squat - 335#
  • Deadlift - 435#
  • Fran - 2:23
  • Amanda - 4:00
  • Diane - 2:44
  • Cindy - 35 rounds
  • The “Seven” - 19:50
  • UB Muscle ups - 30 in 1:33
  • UB HSPU - 78
  • UB Pull-ups - 88
  • Triple body weight deadlift: Hit my deadlift PR at 144# BW and it was 435#

Cliff started CrossFit in 2011 on his own at his college’s Rec Center. After getting some funny looks from too many people for doing HSPU in the squat racks, and also seeing the CrossFit Games on ESPN, he was sparked to find a local affiliate to start training in. He found a local gym and his first CrossFit workout inside an affiliate was 12.1:  “7 minutes of burpees”. He hasnt looked back since.

"From day one my goal has been to make it to the CrossFit Games. I am a competitor by nature and I do not accept failure. If I go into something, I go into 100% and I will give my all every time. CrossFit was the perfect outlet for this energy and mindset after being a collegiate athlete at the University of Nebraska and East Carolina University."

CrossFit Changed My Life: CrossFit has thoroughly changed my outlook on drinking and substance use. When I found CrossFit I was 21 and recently had to cut my collegiate gymnastics career short due (mostly) to partying and drinking but also I was a young kid making bone-headed decisions. Luckily the big guy upstairs was looking out for me. I was on a downward spiral and if things didn’t change with my outlook and perspective on life, I firmly believe I was going to end-up going down the path of addiction and substance abuse. (I say this due to my family history with substance abuse and addiction.) I honestly believe with all of my heart that CrossFit has saved my life.  To this day I will drink occasionally, but I really dislike drinking and find it as something that really does not benefit me at all. So I see no reason to do it anymore. I thank CrossFit for helping me put fitness and health in the forefront of my life, and allowing me to be in the position I am today. (A 24 year-old affiliate owner with an amazing Wife and dog, living the good life and chasing the dream of making it to the Games."

Philosophy on Training and on Life: "My philosophy on life is based of two sayings my dad used to say to me all of the time as a kid: “walk with the cripple, and you will begin to limp”. This was in no way an afront to anyone with disabilities. What he was trying to explain to me is that you will become who you hang out with and obviously wanting me to surround myself with good people. So I try to do that everyday in and outside of training. Outside of training I want to surround myself with as many successful people as possible because I want to be successful. Inside of training I only train with people who are positive and give everything that they have in the tank. If I train with you on a consistent basis it is because I believe that you want the same thing as me and that is be the best.

The other quote is “everything in moderation, including moderation itself.” I use this one in training more so than in everyday life. If I am training I do not want overload on any particular movement unless I am doing a squat or strength cycle. I try to keep my training of movements fairly random and varied. I will do some goat work but nothing over the top. I do what I feel like doing that day for the most part. As I close in on the Open and Regionals I will follow Ben Bergeron's CompTrain religiously. 

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