Christian Gallagher

Christian Gallagher
Waitsfield, VT

  • U18 USA Ski Racer - Ranked #1
  • U18 USA Giant Slalom ski racer - Ranked #1
  • Ranked top ten in the world for U18 ski racers
  • USA National Training Group Nomination
  • Back Squat - 340#
  • Clean - 225#
  • 1 Mile - 5:51

Christian got into skiing when hw was two years old with his family. His grandparents had a house at Okemo Mountain in Vermont and they began to go every single weekend. He was hooked. Once he reached age 9 he started to race. In the beginning, he wasnt very good, but loved it so he stuck with it. As time went on he got better and better. At age 13 he decided to go to a full time ski academy in Vermont called Green Mountain Valley School where I can ski every day, and did that all the way through this year until his recent transfer to Burke Mountain Academy. 

Skiing and Life: Ski racing has not necessarily changed my life, because for as long as I can remember I have always been skiing and I don’t know what it would be like to not do it. I would say ski racing and skiing in general has MADE my life amazing. The traveling around the world with my friends and competing and doing something that I love is unmatchable. I get a thrill from skiing that I can’t find in anything else. I love the fact that I can push the lines of impossible every single day and feel alive day in and day out. I don’t know what I would do without skiing in my life."

Philosophy on Training: "My philosophy on training has always been somewhat the same since day one. I am a super competitive person; I cannot stand losing no matter what it is. So when I am in the gym this competitive drive allows me to push myself that extra little bit. There is nothing worse than leaving the gym and knowing that you maybe could have done another rep..that really eats me up. So I just try to go in every single day and put everything that I have into it and I have a lot of fun doing it. A lot of my friends and family wonder how I can push so hard day in and day out; its easy and fun with motivation like mine to become the best ski racer in the world."

Goals: "My short term goals as of right now are to compete in the Junior World Championships and make the United States Ski Team. These are very reachable goals and I hope to achieve them through hard work and dedication this season. Long term goals are obviously olympic and world cup medals, but I really am working towards the winter olympics in 2018. I think that if I continue on the path that I am on, this is possible. I just need to stay focused and don’t let the distractions get to me."

"I am definitely the type of skier that sends it every single run. I am always riding the risk factor and one little mistake and I could fall or be out of the race. The reward however with this mentality is always big! I believe that RedLine represents the 'put everything you have into it' type of athletes. I will always TOE THE LINE and I am excited to have RedLline behind me as I travel the world living my dream and toeing the line!!


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