Brooks Farrar

Brooks Farrar
Boston, MA (CrossFit Resilience)
5’ 11” / 195 lbs. 

  • 2014 22nd place - CFNE ECC, Competitor Division
  • 2014 North East Regional, Individual Qualifier, 
  • 2013 6th place - CFNE Competitor Competition
  • 2013 11th place - CFNE East Coast Championship, Rx Division
  • Snatch: 275#
  • Clean & Jerk: 340#
  • Squat: 445#
  • Fran: 2:40
  • Helen: 8:35

After being a personal trainer for a couple years after college, Brooks was given the opportunity to be part of the founding crew of CrossFit Resilience in 2012. He did not know much about CrossFit at the time, but after doing some research, earning his CF Level 1, YouTube watching, and some WOD participation at other local boxes, he knew he was in for something life changing. "CrossFit has completely altered my lifestyle habits for the better.  When coached properly, I believe CrossFit is one of the best training methods for almost anyone who gives it a committed effort. I strive to uphold the highest quality coaching I can deliver."

Philosophy on Training: "The sport of CrossFit has given me a new focus that is hard to come by, and I am extremely appreciative of the opportunities I’ve been given. There’s something about the hours of dedication and determination it takes to get better at the sport of CrossFit that drives me beyond even the level of dedication I had competing in my collegiate sports (soccer and springboard diving). I strive to take my training to the next level day in and day out, doing whatever it takes to toe that line!"

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