Andrew Fodera

Andrew Fodera
Peabody, MA (CrossFit the Swamp)
5'10"/ 225

  • Back squat - 465#
  • Deadlift - 525#
  • Snatch - 265#
  • Clean & Jerk - 320#
  • Clean - 325#
  • OH Squat - 320#
  • Fran - 3:22
  • Grace - 1:28
  • Diane - 4:24

Andrew was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma on February 2, 2009. He was simultaneously diagnosed with congestive heart failure and arrhythmia, which prevented him from doing any activity. After a successful stem-cell transplant and about a year of treatment, Andrew lost 60lbs and was an unhealthy 185lbs. He was depressed and ultimately out of shape. "I lost all interest in the gym and stopped working out completely. I gained back the weight I lost during treatment, but in an unhealthy way, and was up to 260lbs. I couldn't run or do any type of exercise without quickly burning out. It would hurt going up stairs. That was when I decided enough was enough and I knew I needed to get healthy again."

A friend Andrew stayed in touch with throughout the course of his treatments started doing crossfit, and continued to tell him about the workouts he was doing. Once his doctors cleared him to do activity, Andrew reached out to the friend for advice on how to start on his path to getting healthy and fit. He started on his own getting his body used to the crossfit functional movements. After about 3 months, his friend encouraged him to join a gym so he could learn the movements and increase his strength. In December 2011 he became an official member of NSCF.

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