Adam Drolet

Adam Drolet
Danvers, MA (North Shore Crossfit) 
5'9" / 180lbs 

  • Snatch - 220#
  • Clean & Jerk - 295#
  • Karen - 5:23

Adam started Crossfit in 2011. He was 40lbs "overweight" and wanted to do something about it. He tried the globo gym routine a couple times in the past with no results and knew he needed something different. His fiance, and fellow Team RedLine athlete, Sarah Zdanowicz had been encouraging him to try CrossFit for about a year, and he finally gave in. "I was so out of shape I barely made it through the warm-up." He initially hated it and was frustrated with the learning curve. But there was something about the camaraderie that kept him coming back. After about 6 months of hard work he actually realized he loved it and it was changing his life.

Crossfit and Life: Crossfit has changed my life in and out of the gym. I used to have an uncertainty about myself and would shy away from most challenges. But now I have the confidence to take on any mental or physical challenge that comes my way. I live a healthy, active lifestyle, have found some of my best friends in the gym, and have a stronger relationship with Sarah because of it. We both want to be the best we can be at everything we do. We are driven by setting goals and achieving them. And when we are by each others side encouraging each other, it makes it a lot easier to accomplish those goals.

Theory on Training: My theory on training is to train your strengths, but train your weaknesses more. Never skip a WOD because it's something you're not good at. Accept the fact that you might fail, or not do as well as you want, and learn from it. How can you succeed if you haven't failed? Personally I'd rather set the bar too high and fail then set the bar too low and succeed.

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