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Redline Blog
The Redline Is.....

Our edge. Itís the line we strive to reach taking us from ordinary, to extraordinary. Itís the place we get to by pushing ourselves beyond our limits. Itís the line we strive to TOE day in and day out.When we set aside our fears, and approach the line, we are going after what we want. Whether its landing a new job, crushing a WOD, negotiating a deal or having a night out on the town, we survive. We get after it. We toe the Red Line to get what we want. The Red Line is the maximum amount of push we can endure to reap the maximum amount of reward.
REDLINE Gear is....

High end athletic gear for those who push their inner most limits. Its for the people who push beyond their fears and their weaknesses. They keep going when they want to quit. They TOE THE LINE. At Redline, we want to build gear that supports the life you live and strive to live. We want our gear to help you reach your Red Line and live it every day. Wear Redline, the sign of inner strength, perseverance and heart. We believe you can have anything you want out of lifeÖYou just have to go get it.
Toe the Line.